New Year’s Eve Stress Relievers For Canines

Fireworks displayIf you’ve decided to stick around the Greenville area to ring in the new year, chances are pretty good they’ll be someone in or around your neighborhood setting off a few (or more than a few) fireworks. Dogs and fireworks often have a somewhat strained relationship. Whether you enjoy a good amateur fireworks display or not, you can reasonably expect that one’s coming tonight. Dogs don’t have that ability to anticipate a holiday or what all those scary explosions mean. If your dog gets freaked out by pyrotechnics, read on for some ways to keep your canine calm during the celebrating.

Tire them out – This is a recurring theme with us here at Woodlands. Well exercised dogs are almost always calmer. It takes energy to get wound up. If you don’t have it, your pup is less likely to feel as distressed by loud noises. Bundle up and head out for an extra lap or two around the neighborhood.

Play some soothing music – Fight back against the fireworks noise by providing some noise of your own. Dogs enjoy chilled sounding music. In fact, we often have classical music tunes playing at the pet resort. If your dog came back barking the tune of the 1812 overture, now you know why!

Toss their favorite toy around – Distraction can work wonders. Why not play an extended game of fetch or just spend some extra time petting them? If they’re enjoying interacting with you., they’re less likely to stress with what’s going on around them.

Preventing loud noises on New Year’s Eve is largely out of your control. But creating the right environment to reduce your dog’s stress is something you can help with. Take one, two, or three of the tips above and put them to work tonight!

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