Three Ways To Make The Most Of Your Visit To The Dog Park

dogs playing with a stickIn our last post we reviewed Greenville’s two public dog parks. Both are really neat places to enjoy some time outside with your dog and to give them a chance to meet some new friends. Today we share three tips for making the most of your visit to the dog park.

Be Prepared

Dog parks are lots more fun when you bring something along to play with. A frisbee, tennis ball, or a heavy-duty chew toy can make it a lot more fun when you get there. Also, make sure to bring plenty of water for you and your dog. A water bottle for you and a water dish for them will help keep you both hydrated. Especially if it’s a warmer day, you and your dog can really heat up quickly.

Be Current

Before you head to the dog park, make sure you dog is current on all their vaccinations and wearing their collar with ID and rabies tag. Your dog will likely be in close proximity to many other dogs. Being current on all vaccinations is a must before heading out into a public place like a dog park.

Be Engaged

More than anything else, your dog wants your attention and your love. View a trip to the dog park as a fun outing together. Don’t let it be a time just to disconnect and let your dog run around semi-supervised while you chat or catch up on Facebook. Get up, toss the Frisbee or tennis ball and get in the game with your dog and the canine friends they make while there. An active dog-parent is a good dog-parent!

Dog parks trips can be the highlight of a dog’s week. With just a little bit of planning, they can be a highlight of your week too!


photo credit: e_monk via photopin cc

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