Travelers Rest – The Perfect Dog-friendly Day Trip!

With the holiday season now firmly in the rear view mirror, it’s time for a fun dog-friendly day trip to shake off the colder weather and get some much-needed fresh air and sunshine! Travelers Rest, while only a 15 minute drive from Greenville is a world away from the¬†Dog walkerhustle and bustle (and hassle of finding a parking spot) of downtown.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to TR, it’s time for another look! Ever since the Swamp Rabbit Trail came through, the town has undergone quite a transformation! Long vacant buildings on Main Street are now filled with fun restaurants and shops. Parking is usually easy to find right on the street or in several parking lots close by. Here are a few of our favorite things to do when we’re in town.

Swamp Rabbit Trail – This is definitely the gem in the crown of Travelers Rest! The Swamp Rabbit Trail has several access points in town, running for miles in both directions. Many shops and places to eat are right off the trail as it moves through downtown. Pick a direction and get moving. You’ll meet lots of other dog lovers out with their four-legged companions too. You’ll find this is a pleasantly busy little trail as it goes through town!

Trailblazer Park – A new park right off the Swamp Rabbit Trail has lots of open spaces for any type of exercise you an your dog are into. This is the perfect place for a picnic or snack while you enjoy the outdoors.

Dine outdoors – If it’s a sunny day why not grab a seat outside at a place like Sidewall Pizza? This little pizza joint¬†serves up some of the best food in town? Dog-friendly seating right outside the main dining area makes swinging by for a quick bite with your dog an option!

Go ahead and schedule that in for the very next sunny weekend and enjoy the best of Travelers Rest with your canine companion!

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