Tips For A Happy Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s filled with fun with family and plenty to eat. While you know just what to do with your human family, your canine relatives require a little special treatment to enjoy the celebration to fullest. Here are a few ideas to make the day a fun, safe one for your pet if you happen to be hosting the big day at your place rather than traveling.

Give them a special treat made just for them – Friends don’t give friends table scraps. Although your dog may have the cutest begging face ever, that doesn’t make human food good for them. Buying them a special dog treat will keep them from having to just sit there while everyone else chows down. Something like lean, dried pieces of chicken, buffalo, or sweet potatoes. Remember, when shopping for dog treats as with human treats, the fewer ingredients the better,

Involve your dog in the fun – With lots of extra people in the house, it’s easy to forget your best canine companion. Tossing their favorite ball or rope bone in the back yard will give you a good excuse to break up the routine a bit and get everyone involved in something more engaging that sitting around and talking. Plus taking time with your dog during the day lets them know they’re not getting lost in the shuffle.

Go for a cruise around the block – Walking off the big meal with your dog can help get you back on your feet. It’s great to give your dog some much-needed exercise to work off some pent-up energy. Invite the relatives to come to. It feels good to get everyone out of the house and on the move. Getting a breath of fresh air and a decent walk will likely brighten up more than just your dog’s day!

Making a few tweaks to your Thanksgiving routine can make a big difference for you and your dog. It may just be your best celebration yet!



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