Time To Start Celebrating, May Is National Chip Your Pet Month!

Adorable puppyIf you’ve ever had your pet slip out the back door unexpectedly or been out roaming the neighborhood looking for a pet that’s gone missing you know that pit of your stomach feeling that comes when loved pet has gone missing. Chipping your dog or cat can help give you extra peace of mind. In fact, May is National Chip Your Pet Month. So time to get celebrating!

Ringing in at around $50 and a trip your vet’s office, getting your dog or cat fitted out with a microchip can mean the difference between lost forever and found. About the size of a grain of rice, a microchip holds a unique ID that’s associated with your contact data. It’s inserted into the nap of the neck with a syringe and is good for the life of your pet. Nearly all vets in the Greenville area will offer microchipping services.

If they do go missing and land in a shelter or vet’s office, that chip can help them contact you to retrieve your pet. Most vets and all animal shelters carry chip readers that are designed to scan for microchip data when lost pets are brought in.

So if you haven’t already, go ahead and schedule an appointment with your vet today to celebrate National Chip Your Pet Month in style!

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