Time To Celebrate A Special Mixed Breed In Your Life!

National Mixed Breed Dog Day is coming up! On December 2nd, it’ll be time to celebrate that special dog of mixed decent in your life. We’re big supporters of adopting pets from shelters here at Woodlands. The truth of the matter is that most dogs in shelters are a delightful mix of a variety of different breeds. National Mixed Breed Dog Day is a fun excuse to recognize what great pets they make. Here just a handful to name a few!

Mixed breeds are a healthy lot – In general, mixed breed dogs experience fewer health issues as compared to their pure bred brethren. The genetic diversity makes them less likely to experience some of the hereditary health concerns that accompany certain breeds.

Mixed breeds lack lobbying power – There are some fantastic breed-specific rescues in the Greenville area, but none devoted to mixed breed animals. Dogs of mixed heritage often don’t get the same amount of attention and resources dedicated to them. Adopting a mixed breed dog gives a lucky pup a loving, forever home while freeing up a space at the rescue for a new dog to enter.

Mixed breeds are hard-working (and famous) – Mixed breed dogs are used for a variety of tasks from seeing eye dogs to bomb-sniffing dogs. Just because they’re not purebred does’t mean they’re any less useful. In face, Benji was a mixed breed dog who took the silver screen by storm in the famous TV series Benji. He also made cameo appearances on The Beverly Hill Billies and Green Acres too. Talk about a hard working pup!

So go head and celebrate Mixed Breed Dog Day by buying your pup a special treat, adopting a new canine family member, or by donating to your local shelter, No matter how you choose to mark the day, there’s no denying that mixed breed dogs make great pets!


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