Summertime Activities Your Dog Will Love

Dog competing in GreenvilleFor a lot of us, summer is the season for barbeques with friends, long nights on the back porch, and a week or two by the water. It’s also prime season to spend time with your dog. Greenville and Asheville are both great areas to spend extra time outdoors in the summer! We’ve put a few of our top ideas for summer fun with your canine below. After all, spending time with you is your dog’s favorite pastime!

Hit The Trail

That same walk around the neighborhood can get pretty monotonous for humans and canines alike. Take advantage of the long summer evenings to take a hike. This will make your daily exercise routine more exciting and invigorating for you and your pet. The Greenville and Asheville areas are great places to get outside on a trail.

State and county parks are neat places to discover a new favorite hiking spot with your dog. Just remember to make sure you and your dog are up to the rigor of the trail, you have plenty of water for the both of you, and that you check your dog and yourself when you get back for any insect parasites like ticks or fleas. Inviting a friend and their dog a join you doubles the fun and makes for safer travels.

Go For A Dip

Many dogs (and their human companions) love the water. If your dog is one of them, read on. Lakes or pools offer a great place to cool off during the hot days summer tends to send our way. Retrieving dogs like Labs and Goldens often can’t get enough of a long day at the lake.

If your dog has never been around the water, be sure to see how they’ll react in a small body of water like a kiddie pool. If things don’t go well there, that’s a possible red flag that swimming in a lake or the ocean may not be their thing. Remember to always supervise your dog when you’re around water. Many pet stores will carry doggie life preservers. Having your dog wear one is always a good idea. When you’re done your day on the lake or the high seas, be sure to give your dog a bath. Chemicals from a pool, salt from the ocean, or bacteria from a lake should be washed out of your dog’s fur soon after you’re done. As a final step, dry your dog’s ears out to reduce the risk of infection.

Go Fetch!

Nothing beats a good game of fetch!  A Frisbee or tennis ball fits the bill for most dogs. Playing fetch can give your dog a good workout while increasing the amount of interaction with you. Early morning or later in the evening is best when the temperature is lower. Give them lots of fresh water throughout the game and don’t let them overdo it! If your dog is prone to distractions, consider playing in a fenced-in area.

Summer is one of our favorite seasons here at the pet resort! Fun activities are so much easier to plan and take part in when you’re not all bundled up! So get out and enjoy the season with your pet!

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