Have A Safe, Spooky Halloween With Your Pet

Jack-O-LanternIn a week or so, it’ll be time for those pint-size ghouls and goblins to haunt your neighborhood in search of the ultimate sugar rush. There’s no debate that Halloween is a fun celebration for two-legged folks. But for dogs, it can be another story. However, with a little bit of planning a good time can be had by your entire family. Below are a few tips to make this Halloween a safer, happier event for your pup!

Keep an eye out for falling candy – They’ll be lots of chocolate and other sweets changing hands. Most dogs won’t pass up on an opportunity to snack on a candy bar or a pack of M & M’s that are laying on the ground. Keep your eyes at your feet as you walk around the neighborhood on Halloween and in the days that follow.

Keep the excitement out of sight – If you’ll be handing out candy, keep your dog in a separate room or in a crate. They’ll be less likely to slip out of the door as it opens and closes or become overly excited and anxious. You’ll likely receive more knocks on your door on Halloween night than all the rest of the year combined. Keeping them out of the action makes it less stressful and keeps them safer.

Get the tired ahead of time – In general, tired dogs are less anxious than ones who aren’t. Take you dog on a few extra laps around the neighborhood earlier in the day on Halloween. When the excitement ramps up, they’ll be less likely to feed into it and suffer from a higher level of anxiety.

Use some or all of these workarounds to hack this Halloween into your best one ever!


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