What Others Are Saying About Woodlands

We want everyone who visits Woodlands Pet Resort to be thrilled with their pet’s stay. If you’re from Greenville or Asheville areas, knowing your pet is well-cared for while you’re gone is important to us! Here’s what some of our customers are saying about their experience. Been to Woodlands and want to leave feedback? Contact us.


“I always feel so comfortable leaving my two dogs with Bert while I am away. It’s a treat to be able to check in on them with the webcam. It’s great to pick them up when they’ve just been bathed, too! I feel lucky to have found such a fantastic spot and highly recommend Woodlands!”

– Elaine

“Bert took such excellent care of our dog and my mother’s dog! We enjoyed our vacation and never once worried about the dogs. The webcam is great! We definitely will be back!!!”

– Lori


“It always breaks our hearts to leave our dogs…however, we know they are all in good hands at the Woodlands Pet Resort. Bert has always done a great job…we trust him with our family!”

– Cassell


“I would not leave our Wheatie anywhere else! She luves Bert and and we know she’s safe and chilling out while we are gone! Thanks so much! Adele, Mike and Kaylie Girl.”

– Adele


“Thanks for giving Ruby a home away from home. While I miss her, I do know that she is excellent hands and that she is ok. So glad to find someone that treats our pets like family and does not put them in a cage!”

– Diane


“Bert, thank you so much for being a great “daddy” to Chole and Murphy. You took such great care of them like you always do. They always get excited when we pull in the lot to visit you once again. I love the webcam and they love the homemade treats and of course you. I highly recommend Woodlands Pet Resort. It’s the place Chole and Murphy love and I do because I know they will be loved and well cared for. Thank you again Bert. We appreciate you.”

– Bonnie


“This is the BEST place to board your best friend! I always know my polo is taken care of by kind and wonderful people! I tell all my friends to board their pets here because they are treated like kings and queens, as they should be! Thank you sooo much for always taking care of polo!”

– Candace


“Thank you so much for taking great care of my two fur children while I was gone. I am so glad to have found a place I feel comfortable to leave them when I am gone. I love being able to visit them over the internet when I start missing them. I looked at over 10 boarding places and Woodlands is the best of them all!”

– Jeanette


“We started leaving our dog Oscar with Bert right after Woodlands Pet Resort opened. I highly recommend the resort. Oscar always comes home happy and full of energy. It is clear that he receives regular walks and one on one attention. Actually, whenever we pick Oscar up, he always makes sure to run to Bert and give him kisses before he high tailes it to the car!! It always gives me such peace of mind to know that Bert treats Oscar so well in our absence, and that Oscar is so comfortable with him. My husband and I relocated to NC earlier in the year, and we have yet to find a place that rivals Woodlands Pet Resort. We drive hours out of the way to take Oscar to SC to stay with Bert when we are leaving town. It is worth the extra effort and time because I can relax knowing that Oscar is in such kind and capable hands. Thanks Bert for all you do!”

– Tamara


“Thanks again for another wonderful stay. You definitely treat my babies as one of your own. Woodlands is THE best by far hands down. I know that I can leave them in your care and not have to worry. We’ll be seeing you again in a few months. Thank you for giving me peace of mind!”

– Jennifer


“What an amazing stay! After heading out of town with the whole family and having no one to watch over my dear Savannah, we left her in your trusted care and were we sure right in doing so! Savannah delighted in her stay and the added comfort of knowing we could check up on her via webcam was awesome! Thanks so much Bert for all you do and you will forever be our trusted keeper of our family pets!”

– Kevin

“Bert – thanks so much for taking care of Holden, Thunder, Ayla, and Mira! It was so nice to be able to relax on vacation and know that they were in good hands! Loved being able to watch them on the webcam too! I’m passing along to all my friends about the wonderful Woodlands Pet Resort!”

– Jessica


“I want to thank you so much for taking such great care of my little boys! Especially with 2 of them on medication, and Harley and all of his health issues. The cam was super! Only think I can suggest..Bentley (little Yorkie) needed correcting by my voice a few times!! Next time I will know to bring all 3 beds!! And, yes, we will be back! God bless, Harley, Colby & Bentley”

– Maria


“Bert, Thanks again for the wonderful care you provided for Oshi and Roo. Woodlands is the BEST! Loved the web-cam access, seeing the girls while I was away made life so much easier. I recommend Woodlands to anyone that needs a place to leave their pets.”

– Jack

“Bert, Thanks for taking such great care of our dogs. They both had their special situations, especially Sandy and her serious fear of thunder. Thanks for taking the time to take care of her. Both my husband and I feel very comfortable leaving our dogs in your care and will definitely be back.”

– Maria


“Bert, I am so thankful to have found Woodlands Pet Resort and to you for being able to handle Magnum’s behavior issues. He has NEVER trusted another person other than me to handle him. I think you and your facility are awesome. Highly recommended! My boys will definitely be back! Thanks for taking such good care of them and giving me a peace of mind!”

– Melissa


“Bert, thanks again for the excellent care you gave to my babies Brooklynn, Skye and Binx. As it was my first time being away from my “kids”, I was skeptical, but you did such a wonderful job that I certainly would not hesitate to bring them back to be in your care. I HIGHLY recommend Woodlands!”

– Jennifer


“Thank you for taking such good care of Zoe and Pop Tart!”

– Jamie & Lane


“Dear Bert, It’s us, the Basset Hounds……Bart, Aunt Bea, Betsy, and little Bert!! We just got rested up from our New Years Eve party there at Woodlands Resort. We had fun in our rooms ‘howling’ in the New Year. Thanks so much for taking such good care of us…We’ll be back!”

– Bonnie


“Bert, Thank you so much for taking such good care of Rubles and Truman. We look forward to seeing you guys this weekend.”

– Robert & Debbie


“We just moved to the area & are sooo happy to have found you for our little LoLa.”

– Joan

“Blitzen is really looking forward to his vacation! Thanks for taking care of him!”

– Leslie

“Your facility looks awesome and I’ve heard great things about it. I’m excited that you’re close by.”

– Jenny

“Buca the black lab is looking good on the webcam! Maybe I should enter him into dog modeling auditions. Thanks for the great job you do with my homie!”

– Smith


“Our dogs, Gracie and Sydney, have stayed at Woodlands a couple of times and get so excited when they get to go back. They love visiting and are so well taken care of. Thank you so much!!”

– Elizabeth


“I will be going away next month and have been looking for a nice place that my girl Lilly can stay. She is so sweet and I want her to have no stress while we are away:) Your website will be great and I will def. be making reservations.”

– Jessica


 “Going this week, looking forward to it, facility looks well run, and cared for.”


“It has been a few weeks since I arrived home after my stay at your resort. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me, especially because I needed such special care at a very hard time in my life. You are awesome! My new parents have been very busy training me and I am praying very hard that I can learn what they are teaching me. So far, I have learned to stop, sit, back up, come here and potty on command (not all of the time, but alot of the time!). I am also learning the invisible fence and making great progress at being safe. Thanks to you, I was able to rest and heal from all my trauma and was ready to go to school in my new home. I will send you a picture as soon as I can sit still long enough to have one taken. I have given your card to several of my friends and I couldn’t recommend a stay at your place more! I will definitely be back again. By the way, my parents have nicknamed me the “Princess of Dunbarton” because I have taken to the house and a few select chairs very well! Love, Poppy”

– Poppy


“Woodlands is such a special place. Chole and Murphy, my Yorkies stayed there recently for 10 days. They had a really great time. They were so happy to see me plus when they saw Bert. Usually it is just about me but not this time. I could tell they had been very well taken care of. Our cat “Madie” also enjoyed herself with lots of toys and shelves to see what is going on. I loved the webcams I could see what my babies were doing. I highly recommend Woodlands. Chole, Murphy, Madie and I have found a wonderful new caretaker and friend.”

– Bonnie


“I just moved to the area & am so excited that you are just down the road! I love a small kennel with personal touches. Look forward to viewing your place!”

– Shelbi


“We recently boarded our two dogs at Woodland and could not be happier!! They were very well taken care of, and extremely happy when we came to pick them up! We have used other boarding facilities in the area but will be coming to Woodland from now on. Thanks for taking such good care of our boys!!!”

– Camille


“My dog Tabasco had a really great time at the resort. It is a beautiful place with lots of running space that she needs. I was able to go on vacation and look at her thru the webcam; which gave me a peace of mind. The staff took good care of her and when I picked her up she smelled so nice. Tabasco can not wait until she returns for another visit! Thank you Woodlands for a wonderful resort and attention that you gave!!”

– Christine & James


“Being from Charlotte, I am very glad to see that the Upstate finally has a top of the line pet resort! I can’t wait to come visit!”

– James


“Sambuca and Virgina love coming to get some R&R at the resort. Cant believe how great they smell for weeks after they leave your pet oasis! Thanks for a 5 star setting to leave our dogs with the security of viewing them on the webcams too! Thats our favorite part!”

– Lindsay & Matt


“Thank you Bert and Mary – Tootsie and Skittles loves coming to visit you. They also love being the star of their own show – viewable 24-7! They do come back a little big-headed though. 🙂 Thanks for being so great with them – we are so glad we found you.”

– Brian & Rosemary


“Our dogs, Layla and Jasmine love Woodlands and so do we! They do everything that we would do for our dogs and love them too! We wouldn’t take them anywhere else.”

– Jessica & Michael


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