Rainy Day? Try These Indoor Activities With Your Pup!

Dalmation wanting to go outsideWe’ve gotten more than our fair share of rain this summer in the Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC areas. When a downpour or a drizzle makes going outside an unlikely option, try some of the indoor activities recently featured on the Animal Planet website. We’ve used a few of theirs and inserted a few of our own.

Go Shopping

Heading out into Greenville or Asheville for some shopping is a great way to break upĀ  the wet weather blues. Both cities have some really good dog-centered shops where you can shop for some new threads for your pup or grab them a special snack. If you’re in Greenville, try Barkery Bistro. They carry everything from custom dog collars to a cold 6-pack of doggie “beer” – a tasty mix of non-alcoholic chicken/beef broth and glucosamine for healthy joints. If you’re in Asheville, check out Three Dogs Bakery. They tout themselves as the world’s first full-service bakery for dogs. Your best friend is bound to find something here to satisfy their sweet tooth!

Go To The Pet Spa

If it’s wet outside, getting your dog groomed is a great way to break up a long day inside. After a shampoo, nail clip, and trim, you’ll both be feeling better.

Watch A Movie

Is your dog a movie “person?” If so, consider watching a dog-centered movie on Netflix! There’s quite a list of movie titles featuring four-legged heroes – Homeward Bound, Benji, White Fang, or Scooby Do!

A Good Old-fashioned Head Scratching

One of the biggest treats you could offer your dog on a day stuck inside is some extra quality time. Going shopping or to the pet spa is a lot of fun, but most dogs love attention from their owners more than anything. Take 30 minutes and just sit beside your pet and interact with them.

A rainy day doesn’t have to mean no fun. Take advantage of a few of these suggestions the next time showers are in the forecast.


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