Pet Appreciation Week Is Here!

BulldogFew of us pet lovers need a reason to celebrate our pets, but we’ve got one! Pet Appreciation Week runs from June 4th to 10th this year. Whether it’s a dog, cat, or even a goldfish, pets add lots to life. Science points to plenty of health benefits from owning a pet ranging from lower blood pressure to a drop in the rates of clinical depression. But statistics aside, let’s celebrate Pet Appreciation Week by reminding our pets they’re special. Here are a few of our best ideas.

Treat them to something special – Every pet has a favorite treat. Why not swing by your favorite pet store on the way home from work and pick one up? From a catnip pillow to a favorite healthy dog treat, nothing says love to a pet like a tasty snack!

Take them to their favorite spot – Now admittedly, his works best with dogs, but taking your pet to a favorite walk, the dog park, or for a spin around the pet store most dogs appreciate getting out of the rut of an everyday routine. Mix it up and surprise your pup with something new on the agenda!

Spending quality time together – Pets love spending time with their people. In this hectic world, it’s easy to get so busy that it’s hard to slow down enough to sit and pet your dog on the couch for 30 minutes or play with your cat. More than anything else (even snacks), most pets love quality time with you!

So go ahead, celebrate your pet and all the ways they make life better. After all, that’s what Pet Appreciation Week is all about!

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