October Is Adopt-A-Dog Month!

Smiling older dogWhat a better way to celebrate October’s Adopt-A-Dog Month than adding a dog in need to your pack! Since 1981 the American Humane has designated October as the Adopt-A-Dog Month to help bring awareness to the need to adopt dogs from local shelters. According to their estimate up to 4 million dogs are in shelters nationwide waiting for adoption.

Here are two great options for celebrating in style:

Adopt a dog – Shelter dogs make great pets! They’re often mixed breed which traditionally have fewer health problems than purebred pups. Many of them are capable of being a friendly, family member. All they’re waiting for is a family to love!

Donate to your favorite local shelter – Some people can’t have dogs due to restrictions with leases, allergies, or a host of other reasons. There’s still plenty you can do! Why not consider donating to your favorite shelter? We have plenty of options here in Greenville! Greenville Animal Services and the Greenville Humane Society are our largest shelters in the area. There’s also a host of smaller rescue organizations in our area too.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this month, the important thing is that your choose to celebrate! Here’s to the fun-loving, former shelter pets that make our lives so much better!

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