The Ultimate Buying Guide For The Dog Who Has Everything

Christmas greyhoundStill looking for the perfect gift idea for those four-legged loved ones on your Christmas gift list? Dogs are notoriously tough to buy for. But here are a few ideas for the perfect present for that impossible-to-buy-for pup on your list. They’re simple, sure-to-please items and experiences that are guaranteed to send just the perfect amount of holiday cheer their way!

The Destinations Trip – Most dogs love to travel. If your dog falls into that category too, why not consider a destination trip? Pile into the car to head out on your favorite hike in the woods or long walk in a pretty park Whether it’s just down the road or hours away, chances are pretty good that your canine sidekick will have a blast just tagging along for the ride and the hike/walk to follow.

Dedicated Playtime – In the hustle and bustle of the daily craziness that we call life, it’s easy to ignore your dog for the most part. Some evening pets or a toss or two of their favorite toy is about it during the workweek. Giving your dog series of dedicated play times may be the best gift they’ve ever received. Most dogs aren’t very consumer-oriented. A chew toy is about all it takes to keep them happy from the standpoint of materialism.

The Latest Chew Toy – If your pup’s tug-of-war toy or favorite ball is looking kind of ratty, replace it with something new. If your dog is the well-behaved type, take them into the pet store and let them choose their own. After all, don’t we wish our other relatives would let us do that with our gifts? We’d never get another pair of odd colored socks or a too small sweater again!

For the dog with it all, these gift ideas offer the chance for what all dogs want the most, your love and attention. So this holiday season, give them what they long for all year, a good scratch behind the ears and some quality time.


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