Keeping Your Dog Happy In the Cold

Snowy dog in GreenvilleJanuary is here with all of the cold that this month is famous for! If the cold weather is something you struggle with getting through, you’re not alone. Cold can be difficult for dogs too. Below are some tips for getting through the chilly months safely with your dog.

Consider a Cold-weather Checkup

Your vet can be a great resource in helping you identify any health conditions that winter might make worse. Especially for older dogs with health issues, winter can be a rough time of year. A checkup at the vet could be very valuable to help you spot trouble before it happens.

Keep Your Dog Inside as Much as Possible

Very few types of dogs are suited for extended periods of cold weather exposure. When it gets cold outside, your dog needs to be inside with you as much as possible. This helps ensure that they’re safe and comfortable while the mercury stays low outside. Going out for walks is great, but hours of playtime or unsupervised time in the backyard generally is something to avoid.

A Nice Winter Coat

When you go outside for a walk with your dog, the first thing you probably reach for is your coat. Consider doing the same for your canine. Especially short-haired dogs, young dogs, or older dogs going outside without a coat can be uncomfortable. If your dog doesn’t have a coat, go to your local pet store and get one!

Watch Out For Indoor Hazards

If you like to light a fire inside on frosty nights or run a space heater for extra warmth, watch your dog carefully when they’re around it. Chances are, the same attraction you have to warmth on a cold night is shared by your pet! Be careful that their curiosity doesn’t end up in a scorched paw or nose.

photo credit: hfb via photopin cc

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