Keeping It Chill On The 4th

In just a few weeks the United States will turn 241 years old! While this is definitely something to be celebrated, most dogs will likely show much less enthusiasm than you will! The 4th of July presents some unique challenges for canines. We share a few ideas for lessening the impact of fireworks and all the fixings that often accompany this holiday.

Wear them out – Tired dogs are generally more relaxed dogs. If you live in a neighborhood that goes pretty heavy on the fireworks, take your dog on an extra lap or two around the neighborhood or out for a longer hike in the woods earlier in the day.

Create a distraction – If you’re going to be at home, give them a favorite chew treat that will take them some time to work through or spend extra time playing with them. Munching on a snack or playing fetch with you can help take the edge off fireworks-based anxiety.

Go out for the day – If possible, consider taking the fam (dog included) out for a long day trip you know won’t feature lots of fireworks. A state park or wilderness area can be a great place to chill for the day. A long drive back will be an ample distraction for a solid part of the evening. You’ll arrive home with a fun day under your belt and a very tired dog!

With some creativity, the 4th of July can be a blast for you and your dog. No pun intended of course!

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