Healthy Treats Make Healthy Pups

Dog on the floorDogs and people share a lot of things in common. Enjoying snacks is one of those similarities! Giving your dog treats helps make their life interesting and more tasty. It’s one way lots of people let their dog know they’re special. It gives dogs and their people something to look forward to!

Just like with mankind, it’s sure possible to overdue it with the treats. Too many snacks that would readily fall into the “junk food” category can make our dogs less energetic and more likely to pack on the pounds.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for treats for your dog:

Fewer, more lightly processed ingredients are best – This is a helpful rule that holds true in most circumstances. When looking for the best treats shop like you would for yourself. Snacks filled with lots of ingredients that are hard to pronounce often aren’t the best choice.

Grain fillers vs. meat – Dogs weren’t designed to be farmers! Lots of cheaper dog treats load up on corn and other grains as inexpensive fillers. If your dog treats have large amount of grains in the ingredients you may want to look for ones with fewer fillers.

Moderation isn’t fun, but needed – Too many of anything isn’t good. That’s especially true with goodies! While giving your dog a small, healthy treat or two each day isn’t likely to cause them any harm, just don’t overdue it. Keeping your dog active so they can process the calories they intake helps maintain their weight at a healthy level.

So go ahead and reward your dog with a tasty treat. Just make sure when you’re picking them out that it’s one that will help them feel their best!



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