Heads Up, Here Comes Easter!

Dog walking in parkEaster time is loads of fun, especially if you have little ones. And even if you don’t I’m sure you appreciate the broader range of chocolate candy options you’ll only see this time of year in the grocery store candy aisle! However, for your four-legged friends this holiday presents some extremely interesting and potentially harmful things to sniff, chew, and swallow.

Easter grass – this holiday standby can prove irresistible to adventuresome eaters. Use with caution and keep an eye on your pet when they’re anywhere near the stuff.

Chocolate eggs – Chocolate is heaven for people, but deadly for canines. Don’t hide an Easter basket or anything with chocolate on or near the floor level. Your child may not be the first one to find it!

Plastic eggs – Determined dogs are completely capable of coaxing open a plastic egg to see what’s inside. If you’re having an Easter egg hunt in the house or the yard. Keep your dog inside, in your arms, or closely supervised on a leash. Make sure your guests have found every last egg before you turn the yard or house back over to Fido!

With just a little bit of planning ahead, you and your pet can safely enjoy a visit from the Easter Bunny when he or she comes hopping your way in a few weeks!

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