Halloween and Your Pet

As Halloween approaches, be sure to think of your pet in your holiday plans. The Greenville area is a good place to go out with your kids or dog. But this holiday requires special attention to your dog. Constant ringing of the doorbell or knocking on the door can be stressful for some pets.  To make matters worse, everyone stopping by is in costume, which is also confusing for the animals.  Do your best to keep pets in an isolated, quiet area.  I find that a little background music can go a long way in keeping dogs calm(classical seems to work best for me).  Never leave your animals out on Halloween, it is just asking for trouble.  With all the kids out and high volume of noise and traffic, pets can get easily spooked.  If you do decide to take your pup trick-or-treating, reflective collars or clothing is a must.

Also, chocolate if very bad for dogs.  Always leave candy in out of reach places where pets cannot get to and be sure your kids know not to share their treats with the animals.  Candles are also a danger that are easily overlooked.  Jack-o-lanterns and other decor may have open flames that could seriously injure your pet.  Make sure to keep your pet away from potential hazards.

With a little precaution, this Halloween will be a safe one for both your family and your pets.  Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

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