What’s Not On The Menu For Dogs

Begging dogWith National Poison Prevention Week nearly upon us, it’s a great time to review some foods that humans can eat with abandon but can cause serious illness in dogs. It’s pretty easy to argue that lots of people foods are second best to a healthy dog treat that’s designed specifically for canines. However, the following list of foods are strictly treats for two-leggers only and should be kept far away from your pup. Sharing isn’t always caring, especially with these foods.

Chocolate – If life without chocolate isn’t a life you’d like living, be glad you weren’t born as a dog. Chocolate contains highly toxic substances called methylxanthines. The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is. Although it’s poisonous, you’d find few dogs that would pass up on eating it. Be sure it’s stored high and away from adventurous doggie palates.

Garlic, leeks, and onions – These flavorful veggies are staples of many classic human dishes. But members of the Allium family which include each bulb in the list above are toxic to dogs. Garlic is the most dangeous, being multiple times more toxic than the leeks or onions.

Macadamia nuts – These Hawaiian delicacies are nothing but trouble for dogs. This type of nut is by far one of the most harmful human foods dogs can ingest.

Pecans and walnuts – Are you noticing a trend here? These tasty nuts are off limits to our canine friends too. Both type are poisonous to four-legged members of your household. Thank goodness peanuts are safe!

While there’s a lot of things dogs shouldn’t be eating, the good news for them is there’s a wide variety of healthy treats designed just for canines waiting to be purchased from your local pet store. Stop by on your way home from work and grab them something they can sink their teeth into safely!



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