Greenville Doggie Destination: Paris Mountain State Park

black lab asleepWe’re fortunate here in Greenville to have a 1,500+ acre state park right in our backyards. Paris Mountain State Park boasts several lakes, miles of hiking trails, and lots of great places for picnic lunches.  Best of all, it’s an extremely dog-friendly place! At $2 per person, it is one of the best deals in town for outdoor fun!

One of the strongest points of the park is the varied levels of hiking trails. If you’re looking for a nice, easy stroll or a leg-pumping multi-mile workout, Paris Mountain offers several options for both. Below are a few of our favorites.


Slow and Easy – The Lake Placid Trail

The trail around Lake Placid, the main lake at entrance of the park is fairly level and offers some nice views of what used to be the main reservoir for Greenville back when it was a much smaller town. You’ll also walk right past the swimming beach and bathhouse. The bathhouse is a historical structure build by the CCC during the Great Depression. In fact, it just underwent an extensive renovation and looks great! If you or your dog aren’t that into more rugged trails, the Lake Placid Trail should fit the bill!

Long, Hard, But Beautiful! – The Kanuga Trail

This one requires a drive to the parking lot at the top of the mountain to begin hiking. The Kanuga Trail starts a mile or so down the Brissy Ridge Trail,, as accessed from the top of Paris Mountain. This in-and-out trail is four miles round trip. Add the mile or so hike along the Brissy Ridge Trail and this hike tops out around 6-7 miles. If you and your dog are in great shape, your reward at the end of the trail is beautiful West Lake, marked as Reservoir #3 on the Paris Mountain Trails map. This pretty lake is ringed by beautiful forest. Sit and enjoy the view for a while before heading back up. Be sure to pace yourself on this one and leave early. The trail is mostly downhill on the way to the lake, so leave plenty of time for the slower uphill hike back.

Safety First!

As always, when hiking be sure to bring plenty of water for you and your dog. Hiking with a friend or family member is always a great idea. Keep your dog on a leash for their safety when you’re visiting the park. Let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to return. Refer to the official trails map and be sure to ask the park ranger on duty any questions before leaving.

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