What Every Dog Really Wants For Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day pugThe way to show dogs you love them is really quite simple, spend time with them. Dogs bond with their owners, so spending time with the human side of their pack is a big deal. In our busy, hectic, crazy lives it’s easy to skip spending much quality time with our dogs. So use Valentine’s Day as a good excuse to spend some extra time showing them how much you love and appreciate them each day. We’ve shared a few of our own ideas below.

Go out for a treat – Most pet shops let you bring well-behaved dogs into the store. So head out to your favorite one and bring your dog along. Spend a few minutes cruising the aisles and let them meet a few of the other four-legged patrons that may be there with their people. Then pick out a healthy treat and give it to them to munch on when you get home.

Take an extra long walk – New things intrigue dogs just like they do people. Break out of your normal daily walk around the block routine and venture out onto a new, longer route. Most dogs enjoy being active and nearly all of them love to get some fresh air and maybe meet a few of their own kind while they’re out.

Play fetch – Many dogs love running after a favorite ball or playing with a chew toy. If yours is one of those, spend 30 minutes playing together. If your pup isn’t the fetching type, just sit down beside them and pet them. Dogs love to be with their people, so extra quality time with you is right down their alley.

So rather than running out to buy some type of special doggie sweater or other trinket, give your dog what they’re really hoping for this Valentine’s Day, extra time spent with you!



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