Dog-friendly Parks In Greenville

Forest SunriseLooking for a good place in Greenville to take your dog for a Saturday afternoon walk or an early morning jog? We’ve listed some of our top places in Greenville County to get out into the great outdoors with your dogs!

Falls Park

Falls Park is a great place to take your dog, especially if they like to socialize with their own kind or humans. The main entrance on Main Street in Greenville is a nice launching point. From there you can walk down the river path to the Art Walk/High Cotton area, walk across the Liberty Bridge, or down into the park to connect with the Swamp Rabbit Trail. From there you can walk for miles (literally) into Cleveland Park and beyond!

Heritage Park

If you’re in the southern end of the county, Heritage Park has some nice areas for walking with your dog. Heritage Park is a peaceful place that’s nice in the morning for a good leg-stretching walk.

Greer City Park

If you live in the northern part of the county, Greer City Park is a neat place to go for a long walk with your dog. It has a small pond with a gazebo and lots of good areas for sitting. Towards to top of the park, there’s a large fountain where the water spurts are set to music! The entire park is ringed with easy, broad sidewalks that are perfect for walking with your dog(s).

Caesar’s Head State Park

This gorgeous state park is less than an hour from many parts of Greenville. It has a great picnic area at the top of the mountain that’s perfect for a picnic lunch get-together. The picnic area is adjacent to a short walkway to an mountain overlook that will take your breath away! From there chose one of the hiking trails and enjoy some great exercise with your dogs. The Raven Cliff Falls trail is one of the most scenic in the park. It’s a challenging, but fun hike to an overlook facing the tallest waterfall in South Carolina.







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