Dog-friendly Day Trip To Yellow Branch Falls

dog in woodsFor those of us fortunate enough to live in the Greenville area, we find ourselves surrounded by an abundance of beautiful natural areas. Lots of them are perfect for getting away from the grind of daily life and great spots to bring our dogs along with us!

Yellow Branch Falls fits this bill to a tee. About an hour or so from downtown Greenville near Walhalla, SC, the trail headĀ for the falls is located almost directly across the street from the much more well-known Stumphouse Tunnel Park.

The trail to the falls is pretty gentle one with not a lot of crazy up and down grades. Totaling roughly 2.5 miles there and back the trail is the perfect length for stretching human and canine legs. It weaves through a very pretty section of forest and dead ends right into Yellow Branch Falls. This graceful cascade is about 50 feet tall and one of the most scenic falls in our area. There are lots of large rocks at the base of the falls for sitting and enjoying the view.

For directions to the Yellow Branch Falls trail head and a description of the trail, click here. You and your dog will love this canine friendly romp through some of the Upstate’s finest woodland scenery!

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