Head Downtown With This Dog-friendly Day Trip!

Greenville parkIf our area’s overabundance of wintertime weather has you down, there’s nothing quite like a long walk with your dog to lift your mood! If you’re looking for a fun place to head out this weekend in Greenville, give the Swamp Rabbit Trail that runs through Falls Park a try. For those of you who haven’t been there in a while, you really need to catch up with what’s new!

Experience the new Cancer Survivors Park – This beautiful new area opens up right after the trail goes under Church Street as it heads toward Cleveland Park. A fun, multi-level walkway up the side of the hill and a completely redone bridge over the Reedy are worth experiencing!

Doggie socialization opportunities abound¬†– If your dog enjoys meeting other members of his or her own kind, this is the place for them! Lots of people take their dogs on this section of the trail through Falls Park. From¬†dachshunds to golden doodles, there’s likely to be many chances to stop and say hello for more social pups.

Stop and smell the flowers – Most of the Swamp Rabbit Trail’s winding path through Falls Park is landscaped to the nines! No matter what time of year it is, there’s nearly always something blooming. Just seeing something that’s both beautiful and alive at this time of year can provide some much-needed cheer.

Although it’s unlikely you’ll peel off all 19.9 miles of trail in a day, the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Falls Park is a perfect choice for both a longer distance walk or just a lazy stroll. No matter what you and your dog are game for, this dog-friendly destination downtown has you covered!


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