Cold Weather Care for Your Pet

With these unusually warm days of winter, it can be hard to remember that nights still get too cold for comfort.  For those of you that choose to let your pup romp outside for hours at a time, or even overnight, it is important to follow a few safety precautions.
First of all, always provide adequate shelter for your dog.  This includes fresh, clean, warm bedding.  Wood shavings, straw, or blankets are a must in any doghouse and must be checked regularly to ensure the bedding is clean and dry.  Secondly, always make sure your pup has access to fresh water.  Change the water regularly and every morning after a freeze.  Watch your dogs behavior more closely in poor weather.  Be aware of any signs that the weather may be getting the best of your pet.  For those pups that are sensitive to the cold (old, sick, short-haired, small dogs or puppies), only let them out in the cold long enough to potty.  Always provide your pets a nice warm place to sleep that is draft-free and off the floor. Dogs with arthritis need extra care this time of year. The cold weather stiffens them up and can cause great discomfort. Take it easy on the old-timers.
A dog’s comfort should be utmost this time of year.  Always be aware of the weather and always act accordingly.  Even though it’s above freezing now, a cold spell will come our way. This is the most dangerous time of year for pets, so always take care to keep your pet out of the cold.

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