Christmas With Your Pet

When thinking about your pets this holiday season, it’s important to think more about quality than quantity.  While it’s tempting to buy prepackaged stockings filled with low quality treats/toys, try thinking about what you are purchasing for your pets in a different light.  First and foremost, many treats and foods you find on the market are filled with corn, cob, cereals and other junk, containing little nutritional value.  Try looking for organic or holistic treats.  They are never really much more expensive and you can feel confident you are making the right dietary choice for your pet.

When purchasing toys and accessories, shop around.  Be sure to pick toys that are safe for your dog or cat.  Anything containing small plastic parts or beads is a choking hazard, as are rubber balls and toys if your dog is a destroyer.   Rope toys are great for dogs teeth, but should always be used with supervision.   Never give balls to a pet that are too small.  They are major choking hazards.

In this economy, many of us are tightening our budgets.  Going overboard on gifts for the pets is not always an option.  Remember, the greatest gift you can give to your animal is simply affection.  It’s free and your pet will LOVE any extra time you can take for them.  I know the holiday season is frantic.  It’s all too easy to spend every last minute of your day thinking about everyone else, but far too often our pets are pushed aside while we take care of everything else in our life.  Don’t forget to take a few minutes whenever you can to remind your pets that you love them.  A nice long walk on Christmas morning(after the 20 min. of chaos) is all that any dog would really want.

In short, buy affordable quality items for your pets.  Any treats/foods should be all natural and ideally organic.  Don’t break you budget on the animals, when all they would ever really want is your affection.  If we all were more like the pets.

Merry Christmas!

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