Christmas Gift Ideas For Dogs That Are Tough To Buy For

Golden Lab under Christmas treeWhen it comes to Christmas shopping, dogs can be pretty tough to buy for. They can’t drop hints about what they’d like to see under the tree or even give you a list of gift ideas to scan over before you mail it off to the North Pole.

However, finding that perfect gift for your canine companion doesn’t have to be difficult and usually won’t even require an early morning trip out on Black Friday. Here are some practical gift ideas that allow you to share some holiday cheer with your dog.

Some New Swag

Is your dog’s leash and collar starting to show their age? Consider replacing them with fresh ones. Even the cleanest of dogs need to have their leashes and collars replaced from time to time. After all, they’re what your dog will be wearing 365 days a year!

A Place To Hang Their Hats

Does your dog have his or her own bed to snuggle down in? Especially when the weather is colder, a nice warm dog bed makes a great gift.  Dogs typically spend most of their time on the floor, the coldest place in the house. Giving them their own place to lay and be comfortable can help them stay merry even when the weather turns nasty.

New Tableware

Is your dog’s food and water bowl looking a little sorry? A new metal or ceramic food and water bowl is another gift idea they’ll get a lot of use from. One, two, or three times a day they’ll be dining in style!

Quality Time From You

More important than anything you can buy at the pet store, spend some extra time just playing with and petting your dog. The holidays are a stressful time for you and your pet. Spending more time with them can help both of you to keep the stress level low. The thing your dog wants the most is your love and attention!


photo credit: purplemattfish via photopin cc

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