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Tips and advice on owning and training your pets. By Bert Holcombe, Owner, Woodlands Pet Resort: Greer, SC

Cold Weather Care for Your Pet

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As winter approaches and the weather gets colder here in the Greenville area, don’t forget to think about your pets needs in the colder months. For those of you that choose to let your pup romp outside for hours at a time, or even overnight, it is important to follow a few safety precautions. First […]

Halloween and Your Pet

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As Halloween approaches, be sure to think of your pet in your holiday plans. The Greenville area is a good place to go out with your kids or dog. But this holiday requires special attention to your dog. Constant ringing of the doorbell or knocking on the door can be stressful for some pets.  To […]

Fleas and Ticks

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As warm weather sets in, it is an important time to think about your pet’s flea and tick medicines. The Greenville, SC area is warm enough for ticks and fleas to flourish. As the weather gets hotter, the more these pests will become a problem.  If your pet is not on a monthly flea, tick […]

Christmas With Your Pet

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When thinking about your pets this holiday season, it’s important to think more about quality than quantity.  While it’s tempting to buy prepackaged stockings filled with low quality treats/toys, try thinking about what you are purchasing for your pets in a different light.  First and foremost, many treats and foods you find on the market […]