Does Brushing Regularly Really Make A Difference?

Husky dogGoing for weeks on end without brushing our hair sounds pretty crazy and admittedly it is. But we’re all guilty of doing that same thing to our dog when life gets hectic! Just like people, most dogs enjoy a good brushing. If you need some reasons to get started, we’ve listed a few below.

It take out the bad stuff – Dead hair, debris from the latest walk in the woods, and a host of other things find their way into a dog’s coat over time. Brushing out your dogs fur can help remove lots of the things that just don’t belong there. It may also cut down on the number of times a day you vacuum the floor and upholstery!

You get to see potential problems early – Dog’s skin can run into trouble just like ours. Frequent brushings let you keep up with what’s going on. With all that hair it’s often easy to miss sores or skin irritations that may require some extra attention from you or your vet.

You and your dog will enjoy it– For many dogs, a good brushing is something to look forward to. It feels good on their skin just like a good brushing feels good on yours. In the hectic schedule most of us keep, it also ensure you’ll slow down to spend some quality time with your dog. Dogs want to spend time with their people. Brushing is a great excuse to do that!

So what are you waiting for? Hunt down that brush and get to brushing!

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