Dog Bathing

A complementary bath is always included for dogs with every paid stay of 2 nights or more. If you’re leaving Greenville for a longer time, we bath dogs boarding with us once every two weeks.

If your dog is staying for a single night or you would like him/her bathed after a day of Doggie Daycare, bathing services are offered at the following rates.

Small dog getting bathed

Bathing Services:

  • Deluxe Dog Bath – $10
  • Nail Trim – $15
  • Deluxe Dog Bath & Nail Trim – $15
  • Shed-free Conditioning Treatment – $10
  • Nail Trim + Shed-free Conditioning Treatment – $12
  • Cat Baths – Starting at $25

We use a deluxe botanical shampoo for our dog and cat baths.  Our shampoo is formulated with a mixture of herbal extracts including Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Hops, Yarrow, Matricaria and Balm Mint.  This shampoo is safe for pets of all ages and gentle on the environment!

All pet baths include shampooing, towel drying, and ear cleaning.





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