5 Tips For A Safe, Fun Halloween With Your Canine

Greenville SC pumpkinsHalloween can be great fun for kids and adults too.¬† What’s not to like about costumes and candy? In the Greenville area the weather is usually still pretty mild and a lot of fun to get out in. However, with so many new unfamiliar people coming by and candy flowing freely, it takes some special planning to make this holiday a success with your four-legged friends. We’ve shared five of our best tips for making Halloween fun for everyone!

Keep Candy High Up And Out Of Reach – Chocolate and other types of common Halloween treats can be deadly to a dog. Make sure that you’re extra careful when handing out candy at the door. A dog can quickly scoop up and swallow a candy bar or other wrapped treat that a young child or careless teen may drop.

Make Your Porch Dog-friendly

Trick-or-treaters may bring their own dressed-up dogs along with them. Consider leaving an extra bowl of water on the front porch for any pets that may come knocking along¬† with their owners. Also, have some dog-friendly treats like Milk Bones or dried chicken treats ready so your canine visitors aren’t left out of the fun.

Show Your Own Pack A Good Time

Consider doing something fun with your own pack on Halloween. After all, Halloween doesn’t just have to be a strictly human holiday! Places like Petco or PetSmart are fun places to take your dogs to get a Halloween treat that’s safe for them. Your dogs are sure to appreciate you splitting your time between the neighbor kids and them when you run them out for something tasty!

Go The Extra Mile

Having lots of new, unfamiliar people coming to the door all night can be really stressful for dogs. Take them on an extra long walk before the sun goes down so they’re good and tired before trick-or-treaters start to arrive. If you notice your dogs starting to get stressed or agitated, consider crating them in a quiet area to reduce their stress level.

Keep Your Eyes On The Ground After Halloween

After Halloween it’s important to keep an eye out on what your dogs pick up off the ground on your daily walks. Discarded candy or wrappers may still be laying on the sidewalk or the edges of neighbors lawns for days afterward. Just because candy is poisonous to dogs doesn’t mean they’re not interested in picking it up and eating it.


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