Be Thankful For Your Dog!

Thanksgiving canineAs Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching, many of us stop and think about all of the things we’re thankful for in life. A peaceful country, a nice house, plentiful food – these are the things that often come to mind first. But have you ever stopped and thought about all of the things to be thankful for about your four-legged companion? Today we’re listing our favorite reasons to be thankful for the canines in our lives!

Dogs are great company – Dogs are a great source of companionship and our friendship with them provide us with an increased sense of happiness. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing their dog’s tail wagging like crazy after a hard day at work?

Dogs elevate our mood – Having a dog has been proven in multiple medical studies to be good for our health. They help keep stress levels low and our moods up compared to people who don’t have pets.

They’re a great way to meet other people – Many folks warm up to dogs more quickly than they warm up to other people. Having someone reach down to pet your dog or having your dog meet someone else’s pet naturally starts conversations in ways that two people won’t have otherwise. Dogs are a great way to increase your social IQ!

They’re a sure fire way to jump start your  exercise routine – Having a dog pretty much guarantees you’ll be walking a lot. Walking and hiking are great ways to increase our own health as well as the health of our dogs. Most dogs don’t let you just veg out. When they’re full of energy a walk typically needs to happen sooner rather than later!

photo credit: RickC via photopin cc


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