4 Tips For A Great Thanksgiving Day With Your Dog

Thanksgiving turkeyHolidays can be stressful on your pets and Thanksgiving is no exception. A large number of people dropping by, travel plans, and access to foods that aren’t normally around mean extra planning is important to make sure your dog has a great time celebrating too.

Exercise, Exercise, And More Exercise

If you’re going to be changing up your normal routine significantly during Thanksgiving, give your dog some extra long walks or playtime outside. Increasing the amount of exercise can help relieve some excess tension that a change in routine can create. Chances are, you’ll be experiencing some extra holiday-induced stress too. So a longer walk or extra play sessions in your backyard or at the dog park is likely to do you both some good!

Watch What They Eat

It’s not just humans that need to watch what they eat during the holidays! Many holiday foods that humans enjoy can be toxic to pets. Turkey skins and bones, onions, grapes, and chocolate are just a few of the holiday foods that are harmful to dogs. With new people around your dogs, make sure they know that table scraps aren’t okay to feed your canines, no matter how cute they look!

Keep An Eye On The Trash Can And Counters

Most dogs aren’t above chewing through a trash bag to get at some turkey scraps or leftover stuffing. Keep the trash left over from your meal secured and out of reach. If you have large dogs, make sure tempting morsels are out of reach too. Counter surfing is a favorite Thanksgiving day sport for dogs with reach!

Keep Your Dogs Tagged

If you’re traveling or staying home to host the holiday meal, make sure your dogs are wearing their identification tags. In the confusion (and sometimes chaos) of holiday get togethers, it’s easier for your dogs to scoot out a back door and into a neighborhood they may not be familiar with. Even if you’re hosting the meal at home, there are more chances for your dog to get outside with doors opening and closing more frequently.

Thanksgiving can be a really fun time for you and your dog. Take some extra precautions to make sure you both have a blast!

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