Valentine’s Day Is On The Way – 3 Ways To Show Your Dog You Love Them

Heart nosed dogValentine’s Day is now officially upon us. As boxes of red-wrapped boxes of chocolates and pre-made bouquets crowd store shelves, it’s easy to overlook another special someone who’s likely curled up by your feet or lounging close by – your four-legged friend! Show him or her how special they are with some canine-centered Valentine’s Day treats! We share several of our favorite ways to let Fido know you love them!

Treat them to a day out at the groomers – Dogs, like people most often feel their best when they’re cleaned up and looking sharp. Why not schedule a well-deserved trip to your favorite groomer for a fresh wash, cut, and nail trim? Who says spa service is just for two-leggers?

Schedule a trip to the park – Chances are if you’re living in or around Greenville you’re not too far from a park of some merit. Take your dog for a long walk in a new and interest place. Meeting other people, seeing new things, and maybe even meeting a few of his or her own kind can do wonders to lift doggy spirits!

Swing by the pet store and pick up a new, healthy treat – Who doesn’t like trying something new, especially if it’s food! On your way home from work, stop by your favorite pet store and pickup a lean, healthy treat. A lot of pet stores allow well behaved dogs inside. Maybe them can come with to help pick it out?

So as Valentine’s Day rolls around do something special to let the four-legged friend in your life know how much you love them!

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