Five Tips For Having A Holly, Jolly Christmas With Your Pup

Christmas doggieIt’s tough to imagine that Christmas is less than two weeks away! With all of the final preparations now in full swing we wanted to share five tips for making the holiday season a happy, safe one for your dog.¬†That way, Santa will be well-informed on what to bring the four-legged folks on the list and what to leave off!

Go for plastic over glass – Yup, time to bust out the cheap stuff if you have dogs roaming the house. Glass ornaments often end up on the floor due to curious dogs investigating interesting dangles hanging off the Christmas tree. Plastic ornaments tend to bounce a lot better than the glass ones.

Keep those holiday snacks out of harms way – If you’re like most of us, you have snacks hanging around the house during the holidays that might not be there at other times of the year. All human foods aren’t the greatest for dogs, especially outright poisonous foods like chocolate or raisins. So don’t put holiday dainties out on a coffee table or end table where a dog with an adventuresome palate may indulge!

Watch that fireplace – If you like amping up the festivities by burning a real or gas log in your fireplace, make sure your dog doesn’t stray too close. Especially if this is a once in a blue moon occurrence, ¬†they may not be aware that keeping a safe distance is advisable.

Keep those presents off the floor – Nothing looks quite like Christmas than a big pile of presents sitting under the tree. Nothing looks quite so enticing to some dogs than nibbling at those interesting ribbons and dangles you’ve placed all over those boxes! Pieces of ribbons and bows can cause some serious digestive issues for an adventuresome pup. Don’t risk a trip to the emergency vet’s office on Christmas Day!

Get them as tired as can be – With lots of guests filling the house and an overall activity level way above the norm, an overly energetic dog is likely to be an overly anxious one. Before the guests arrive, take your dog on the longest walk you have time for. A tired dog is usually a much more relaxed one. You may even be able to squeeze in an extra walk after Christmas dinner. If you have some crazy relatives, this could be a nice sanity break for more than just your dog!

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