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Tips and advice on owning and training your pets. By Bert Holcombe, Owner, Woodlands Pet Resort: Greer, SC

October Is Adopt-A-Dog Month!

Smiling older dog

What a better way to celebrate October’s Adopt-A-Dog Month than adding a dog in need to your pack! Since 1981 the American Humane has designated October as the Adopt-A-Dog Month to help bring awareness to the need to adopt dogs from local shelters. According to their estimate up to 4 million dogs are in shelters […]

Healthy Treats Make Healthy Pups

Dog on the floor

Dogs and people share a lot of things in common. Enjoying snacks is one of those similarities! Giving your dog treats helps make their life interesting and more tasty. It’s one way lots of people let their dog know they’re special. It gives dogs and their people something to look forward to! Just like with […]

Brush Those Pearly Whites!

puppy with chew toy

Toothbrushes aren’t just for people! When it comes to keeping teeth and gums healthy, humans aren’t the only creatures that benefit from a good brushing! For many of the same reasons as people, dogs are subject to gum disease and tooth loss from poor dental health. In fact, it’s estimated that 85% of pets have […]

Keeping It Chill On The 4th

Small dog on porch

In just a few weeks the United States will turn 241 years old! While this is definitely something to be celebrated, most dogs will likely show much less enthusiasm than you will! The 4th of July presents some unique challenges for canines. We share a few ideas for lessening the impact of fireworks and all […]

Pet Appreciation Week Is Here!


Few of us pet lovers need a reason to celebrate our pets, but we’ve got one! Pet Appreciation Week runs from June 4th to 10th this year. Whether it’s a dog, cat, or even a goldfish, pets add lots to life. Science points to plenty of health benefits from owning a pet ranging from lower […]

Heads Up, Here Comes Easter!

Easter eggs

Easter time is loads of fun, especially if you have little ones. And even if you don’t I’m sure you appreciate the broader range of chocolate candy options you’ll only see this time of year in the grocery store candy aisle! However, for your four-legged friends this holiday presents some extremely interesting and potentially harmful […]