A Warm Woodlands Welcome!

Main office building at Woodlands Pet Resort

Welcome to our blog! This space is where we’ll welcome new customers to Woodlands by giving a snapshot of life around the resort. It’s also a place where we’ll be sharing some tips for pet care and exciting happenings here at Woodlands Pet Resort. Dogs and cats new to the resort will be photographed and […]

Heads Up, Here Comes Easter!

Easter eggs

Easter time is loads of fun, especially if you have little ones. And even if you don’t I’m sure you appreciate the broader range of chocolate candy options you’ll only see this time of year in the grocery store candy aisle! However, for your four-legged friends this holiday presents some extremely interesting and potentially harmful […]

Heartworms: An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Golden Retrievers playing

We’ve had a very unusual springtime here in the Greenville area with tee shirt weather days in abundance while the cold usually associated with this month has been largely MIA. In fact, this February was the warmest since scientists have been keeping records! Along with warmer temperatures come warm weather hazards like mosquitoes. If you have […]

Valentine’s Day Is On The Way – 3 Ways To Show Your Dog You Love Them

Golden Retriever puppy

Valentine’s Day is now officially upon us. As boxes of red-wrapped boxes of chocolates and pre-made bouquets crowd store shelves, it’s easy to overlook another special someone who’s likely curled up by your feet or lounging close by – your four-legged friend! Show him or her how special they are with some canine-centered Valentine’s Day […]